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Rice with Chicken
(Arroz con Pollo)

Prep Time: 60 minutes
Serves: 12

Ingredients Directions

Use a big caldero or any other dutch oven type pot that does not have a non-stick coating. You'll need plenty of room so maybe an 8 quart will do.

Brown fatback on med. high until it renders its fat; add ham and stir for a couple of minutes; add chicken parts & achiote oil and brown on all sides. Add sofrito and cook for a couple of minutes; add tomato sauce and cook until it all bubbles up good. Add capers & olives, adobo, orégano and chicken broth (or water with cubes).

Bring to a boil, adjust seasonings (make sure it's saltier than you would normally eat because the rice evens it out). Add the rice, cilantro and the garlic cloves. When it starts boiling again, lower to medium, leave uncovered and let the liquids boil out until you hear the rice "talk" to you :-) It should make a sound like when bacon is cooked just right.

Stir the rice taking care not to break up the chicken and make sure you do not bring up the crusty rice on the bottom of the pot. Cover and let cook for about 10 - 15 more minutes. Turn the stove off, stir, and remove from the burner to let it rest for 5 minutes before serving with delicious beans, a slice of avocado and plantain "tostones".


Smoked Ham
A smoked picnic ham -not hickory flavored- on sale, cut into 1" slices is a great buy. Place slices into freezer bags and put most into the freezer for future use. They're easy to defrost this way either in the fridge or placed in a bowl with warm water. The bonier parts are used to season beans or to make ham soup.)

Capers & Olives
Goya has them (alcaparrado) or pimento stuffed olives (Goya - aceitunas rellenas) or plain pitted olives with strips of pimentos (Goya - condimento)