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Mexican Style Shrimp
(Camarones a lo Mejicano)

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4-8

Ingredients Directions

Peel shrimp and set aside in bowl. Boil shells in 8 cups of salted water for 5 minutes, no more. Take off burner and set aside. Heat oils together on high and add onion, pepper and tomato. Cook for a couple of minutes and add garlic, bay leaves and cumin. Cook on high for 2 minutes or until liquids from veggies are almost evaporated; lower to medium high. Add tomato paste, water and oregano. Cook for a minute or so until well blended and most water is evaporated. Add both cans of chopped chilies and blend well. Turn stove to high and when bubbling add the shrimp all at once. Cook no more than 2 minutes adding cilantro and the juice from two limes half way through. Turn off the stove and take off the burner and adjust seasonings. Cover until ready to serve.

Serve over Saffron Rice