Are You a Racist?

If you are an African American, as I am, ask yourself, were you ever a slave? Was your father a slave? Your grandfather? Great grandfather? Do you personally know a single American that ever was a slave? If you are a white person, do you own any slaves? Did your Father? Grandfather? Great grandfather? Maybe it’s time to put the past behind us. There is no disputing that slavery was a terrible stain on America’s past but it is just that – the past. The fact that it was wrong is recognized by blacks and whites alike. It is time to forgive but not forget the wrongs of those that lived 150 years ago and move on. It is our history but not our present or future.
Racism is wrong whether it is white against black or black against white. It is just wrong. As long as African Americans continue to hold a grudge against the current generation for things done before any of our great grandfathers were born, we will never be completely welcome in today’s society. We will struggle because we won’t get the opportunities open to others. This country has come so far. It is time to get over the past and move forward. See people for who they are – not the color of their skin. We are all Americans underneath. God bless us all.