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Welcome to My Place
A mind is a terrible thing to...., Uhhh, I forget
I was born in Norfolk, Virginia 69 years ago. There was nothing exceptional about the event. I can scarcely remember the occasion. I was cold, the light was very bright and everyone was wearing white. That is about all I can remember of the day. Let's move on.

Right from early childhood, I was a problem child. Not really bad, just a problem. At twelve years old, while melting homemade rocket fuel in my aunt's oven there was a "minor" explosion that resulted in the oven door leaving its hinges at a fairly high rate of speed. Debris covered the walls and the two-story house instantly filled with smoke. My aunt was not amused. I learned from the experience that you don't melt rocket fuel in a gas oven and that my aunt could wield a pretty mean stick.

One of my rockets was launched seconds before the Great New York City Blackout. The timing could not have been worse. Three, two, one, liftoff. Fifteen seconds later New York City was plunged into total darkness. For days, I thought my rocket hit a main power junction that took out all of New York. Imagine how relieved I was to find out that the problem stemmed from something in Canada, well out of reach of my rockets.

In later years, I embarked on a high school science fair project that involved putting mice in a diving bell in deep water. As luck would have it, the bell was temporarily lost when a large sea lion decided to get playful. Mom came to the shore to bring additional air tanks. Of course, since I was nowhere to be found, she concluded that I drowned. About ten minutes later, I popped to the surface just in time to greet rescue squad trucks, ambulances, divers and boats with sirens blaring and one screaming woman that I call Mom. The mice almost had heart attacks. Way to go, Mom! I did win First Place in the High School Science Fair though.

Now that I have grown up (there are those that say this hasn't happened yet), my favorite hobbies are SCUBA diving, photography and tinkering with computers. Recently, I started skydiving. I absolutely love the ocean. I could sit and watch it for hours. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live on a boat.

Being a child of the sixties, I particularly enjoy 60's rock. I also enjoy country, classical music and jazz. A lot of today's rock turns me off, especially rap. Barf! However, having two teenagers in the house, I now understand the pain I must have inflicted on my parents. My parents just couldn't understand the Doors, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Jefferson Airplane and Led Zeppelin. Well I can't understand my son's music either. We have come full circle.

I lived most of my life in Virginia Beach where I would be now but for my job. Doesn't work always seem to get in the way of everything? I also lived in New York for awhile where I found it far too cold for my taste. When I lived there you could still walk through Central Park without a bullet proof vest. Ice skating in the park wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, there wasn't much else and now you can't even do that. I did, however, really enjoy Montauk Point at the tip of Long Island - New York's one saving grace.

I could easily become a beach bum. Did I mention that I love the ocean? I think I'd like to retire in Cancun, Mexico someday but that's a long way off. There is a strip of land down there, south of Cancun, right on the beach, that is absolutely beautiful. It is just isolated enough to afford privacy but close enough to cities for shopping (and that all important modem connection). Well I can dream.

Oh, you haven't met my little doll.

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